From That Night

When my partner Emma said "I want to create something" at that dull afternoon on May 5th., 2003. A new jewelry concept appeared.Except of luxury and fashion, Ciunofor jewelry's aim is to make more and more people who are confused in urban life feel true happy, help them to achieve a balance in the pursuit of material and spiritual needs and show them a new lifestyle of peace, relaxation and freedom.

Only Love

Love, only love, can make you find the beauty and richness of life in exhaustion.Maybe money can bring a better life to the person you love, but to accompany is an act of profound love. Ciunofor encourages people to spend more time with your lover, parents, children, friends, and the one.In 2009, Ciunofor's love series jewelry just fits this theme.

It's Not Just A Jewelry

Jewelry is not just a fashion selection, it’s a lifestyle. It is not only the combination of cold metal and a fashionable cubic zircon but also your charismatic statement and personal symbol.

About Your Ciunofor Jewelry

Come behind the scenes to where the Ciunofor magic happens.
Your jewelry goes through its own journey before it makes its way to you

All engraving and personalizations are done by hand, and each stone is carefully selected and reviewed for sparkle and clarity. Each jewelry piece holds a special memory that is sure to make you smile. As a finishing touch, your jewelry is polished to perfection and packed with love, ready for a full of life.