Ciunofor Craftsmanship


As a jewelry manufacturer, we have over 10 years of experience in jewelry production and processing. we are paranoid and can't tolerate jewels with flaws. We all want to do the best whatever polishing, plating or inlaying. In terms of production, Our material is 316L stainless steel. In the production of jewelry, our material is 316L stainless steel and takes Japanese CNC engraving technology and German PVD vacuum plating technology. We promise that the jewelry you bought is smooth, hypoallergenic and fadeless.

● 316L Stainless Steel

We use medical 316L stainless steel, its characteristics are strong acid-resistance, strong alkali-resistance, no color change, no allergy, hard, no deformation, strong texture. This material is widely used in medical, luxury goods, expensive watches, pens, industry and so on. The jewelry made of stainless steel is more affordable than silver jewelry, which is limited by material cost. Stainless steel jewelry has strong texture, smooth lines, smooth surface and flawless

● PVD vacuum plating technology

PVD( Physical vapor deposition ): Plating is common in our daily life while what we normally see is just water-plating, it's actually caused a lot of pollution to the air and water resources since the main material contains the kind of chemical toxins such as Potassium chloride, etc.

However, our 316L stainless steel jewelry only have PVD plating, it's a type of vacuum ion decomposition technique which is water-free and nickel free, we have this environmentally-friendly plating machine imported from Germany. The principle of the machine is to work under vacuum status and the high temperature will atomized gold and then it will infiltrate of titanium surface, it's the high technology plating method. Through PVD plating, the products are discoloring.

More detail

ciunofor jewelry detail


1.Please do not collide with sharp metal to prevent scratching.


2.Please dry with a soft cloth when wetting. e.g. seawater, sweat, etc.


3.Please do not touch with the chemical substances like perfume and detergent to make the gloss longer.


4.Please dip a soft, lint-free cloth with toothpaste gently wipe, if the surface is stained.

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