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From That Night

Emma said "I wanna get out traditions, to create beautiful, affordable, and high-quality pieces, the pieces dare to be different, the piece has free-spirited"

So she set out to create a brand that pays attention to detail and offers handmade pieces designed to last. She constantly challenging herself to make jewelry that is personal, classic, and free-spirited.

We’re Deesseye

Affordable Luxury
You can wear them all on their own, or layer them on for a more impactful look — whatever suits your signature style.

Minimalist Jewelry

Deesseye has a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship, creating minimalist jewelry of the utmost quality that feels personal, free-spirited, and classic.

About your deesseye jewelry

Deesseye jewelry not only upgrades your style but also stand the test of time.