About Customer Service

1) Where can I receive my order?

It can be sent to an address selected by you (home, work, etc.).

2) Can the delivery country be different from the purchase country?

No. The delivery country must always be the same country in which the purchase was made.

3) How much do I pay for delivery service?

Unless otherwise specified, we provide free shipping for all products at this website which takes 5-10 business days to deliver.

Extra fee will be required for faster shipping. So please contact us via official@ciunofor.com with your order number and the shipping speed demand, we'll arrange express shipping(e.g. DHL, Overnight) for you after your payment of the extra shipping cost.

4) Can I track my order?

3.1 Log in your account

3.1.1 Log in your account and check your order detail.
3.1.2 Copy the tracking number. and check in  https://cloudyma3gmailc.aftership.com/.

3.2 If you are not registered, we will send you a tracking number with an email confirmation of the shipment once your order is placed.

3.3 You can also provide the shipping address and e-mail your order to our staff to track your order. Contact us now

5) What I can do if I don’t receive my parcel within the delivery time?

Please contact us by official@ciunofor.com if the parcel doesn’t arrive on time. Our customer service will help.

About Product

1) What are the materials of the jewelry?

All the jewelry is made of stainless steel, some titanium, tungsten, silver, ceramic or leather and etc.

2) Can the jewelry be lengthened or shortened?

Generally, our jewelry was made according to international standard size but we can also make your desired sizes and need to pay an extra fees. Please contact us for detail official@ciunofor.com .

3) Are the pictures the same as your real jewelry?

All jewelry pictures are made under the natural light, and uploaded online without being PS. They are nearly the same as the real jewelry.

4) What is your plating on the jewelry?

We use vacuum plating. It is water-free and nickel-free. Good for the environment, and will not be allergic. Colors plated can last for 5 years, unfading. Many colors available, rose gold,blue, silver, black, and etc.